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Monday, September 13th, 2004
5:16 am
Late last evening, Colonial Troops blew up a british naval supply ship
outside the Philadelphia Harbor. This ship was returning from picking
up supplies from New York when it was intercepted by American Troops.
The boat exchanged fire with the British ship and succeeded in sinking
the boat prior to it being able to be rescued by British forces.

The ship was owned by the Kensinton Shipping Company, it is a well
known supporter of the British King.
Thursday, September 9th, 2004
6:21 pm
Doctor reports that lady found near death.

An unidentified woman was found in a bar last night, near death. The
cause of this was extreme wounds to her arms and legs. She appeared
to be around the age of 20. The woman was given a room in the pub so
that she might live out her existing hours as comfortably as possible.
The pub's bartender had the following to report. "There were people
all over, it's a busy time for us. Especially at night. The patrons
were all upset over this, they were trying to assist her and there was
talk about how this was done to her by the red coats. A few of them
went upstairs and left to take care of the problem. This seemed odd
since the majority of the Patrons at this Bar support England."

It appears that the British are attacking US Citizens at this point
and one should take caution around them.
Saturday, September 4th, 2004
5:00 am
September 4, 1776 Front Page
The War hits the home front:

August 27-29, 1776 - Gen. Howe leads 15,000
soldiers against Washington's army in the Battle of Long Island.
Washington, outnumbered two to one, suffers a severe defeat as his
army is outflanked and scatters. The Americans retreat to Brooklyn
Heights, facing possible capture by the British or even total

But at night, the Americans cross the East River in small boats and
escape to Manhattan, then evacuate New York City and retreat up
through Manhattan Island to Harlem Heights. Washington now changes
tactics, avoiding large scale battles with the British by a series of

In Philadelphia:

Small groups of soldiers have begun to attack the American people.
Reports state that the british soldiers have been attacking the
citizens of this newly founded country. They have even begun to take
slaves out of our citizens. Even at night it seems that we are not
safe as the Governor's child was kidnapped directly out of his house
and taken upon a boat in which 12 people were killed for simply being
citizens of the new land.

The Governor had the following to say in regards to the incident
involving his child, "The tragic loss of life at the hands of the
britons have not gone unnoticed. We can only hope that General
Washington and his troops will make it here before anyone else is a
target of this grievous tragedy."

After this outburst the Governor's wife broke down in tears crying for
her child to be returned to her safely.

Later in the day, a hostile attack was witnessed by several citizens
in the upper districts of the city. Apparently a group of people
attacked a citizen for no apparent reason, it is highly suspected that
these individuals are Britons and in full support of the Treasonous
King. They seemed to focus on one individual and the attack was so
brutal that witnesses to it say that it happened so swiftly that they
could only identify that it was definitely red coats attacking a lone
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